Scraping proxies
Forget getting blocked with the fastest SEO proxy service on the market.

Testing Affiliate Links With Proxies

Is your affiliate program trustworthy? Are you losing clients and reputation because of wrong links, bad affiliates and malicious websites? Do you test affiliate links and how they work for people around the world?

If you think about these questions, you are aware of how important a reliable, fast and high quality proxy network is for affiliate link checking.

Use SuperProxy if:

- You need geographically targeted IP addresses to check localized affiliate content and affiliate tracking.

- You have to mask your IP with anonymous proxies to safely check whether your affiliates are doing something suspicious.

- You need the highest quality unblockable proxies to avoid bans, throttling or captchas to make automated link testing run as smooth as possible.

The Leading Solution for Affiliate Link Checking

This is exactly why you should test affiliate links with our residential proxy network – you will be able to target any country around the world and hide your IP with absolute anonymity.

Set up link testing software with our proxy solution and see how your affiliates localize sites or drive traffic to your site through affiliate links.

Don’t wait a minute longer – get access to World Wide millions unique IP addresses for link checking and target any of our locations and major cities to test your affiliate links, verify ads, test localization and more.

Make your tech team happy with our proxy API

Our proxies are utilized for

  • Ad Verification
  • Data collection
  • Cyber security
  • Travel fare
  • Link testing
  • Brand protection
  • Price comparison
  • SEO


Collect data from webpages or social networks.



Easy verification, no bans.

Brand safe

Brand Safety

Track your brand’s mentions completely anonymously.



Do price research for different regions and countries.



Watch your competitors anonymously.

ads check


Check how other users see your ads or listings.

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